Mandelbrot—Tasty Tuesday

This week’s Tasty Tuesday is brought to you by Tasty! I watched this video over the holiday season and I decided I would try to make it for Super Bowl Sunday! I mean, who wouldn’t want something sweet after chicken wings? Go big or go home, right?
You should end an evening of excess (commercials,  food, men in tight pants, food, conflict, and did I mention FOOD) with something sweet.

This is a Jewish ‘cookie’ and since I do try all things culturally different, I thought this would be a nice thing to try and share.

And yes, it’s Tuesday so you can’t make this for the Stupid Bowl Super Bowl, but there has to be something going on soon…maybe an Oscar party.

Yes, an Oscar Party! This would be great for that, sweet but not too sweet and very delicate looking.

Let’s jump into this.
I liked the mandelbrot, in the video and the written recipe, it talks about using either chocolate chips or jam…since I’m not always good at following directions (hehehe) I chose to do both and I loved the end result. My other change, I added about 1/2 tsp of salt, because you can taste the sweet better if you have the salt. 🙂

3 cups of all-purpose flour.
3/4 cup of sugar.
2 tsp baking powder.
1/2 tsp was an addition I made to this recipe, because you can’t have the sweet without a bit of salty.
3 eggs
1 cup corn oil, what am I going to use the rest of this container for?
Do your first mix with a fork-or spoon (whatever is already dirty).
Your hands are the GREATEST tool you have in the kitchen…so get them dirty.

Although this looks ‘oily’ it looks nowhere near as saturated as the video.

1/2 cup of chocolate chunks or chips. Mmmm….I used sour cherry jelly, so milk chocolate chunks seemed a wise choice, but you do you! Just think about what kind of flavor combo you’d like.
Use about half the dough to make a mandelbrot crust with a high-ish side.
Put some jelly on this thing! And homemade is best—especially if your neighbor made it. #goodneighbors
Add the remaining dough to the top of  your mandelbrot. Then bake at 350º for 25-35 mins.

Now it’s a waiting game. I baked mine almost 40 mins, but I checked about every 7 mins after minute 25.

Bake and let cool and THEN add cinammon and sugar.

Doesn’t it look beautiful! I wish I had taken a pic of it as soon as it came out. But this one was about 10 minutes after it’s removal.

Cut it into 1 inch wide pieces.


Now take it to your neighborhood party and enjoy.
Mmmmm good!

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