Dear letter board, I love you

I feel like felt letter boards are everywhere right now. Probably because they are an extension of alternative to the hand letter movement.

And as someone who has tried, but has no patience for hand letter…a felt letter board is a great for me.

What is great about the felt board is that the look of your words is a non-negotiable «for the most part». The letters are standard or pre-made…leaving you the space and creativity to enhance the words. Basically, instead of spending time «and hoping you don’t screw up too badly» to make fancy looking words as art. You can spend more time make art the art.

The art the art…hmmmm…weird yes?

For me, to enhance my felt letter board was to begin by just adding more felt to the felt board.
Again felt to a felt board…what is wrong with me? To say let the art be the art or add felt to felt board felt feels like some kind of an oxymoron I don’t know.

But it’s fun and that means I can use some of my artistic skills a little bit differently. Instead of focusing on the lettering, I’m focusing on shapes and things that I can control better.

How to begin

Sure, I could have found a YouTube video on making my own felt letter board. But, I decided to purchase one from Amazon. For me, on that day, I chose to exchange money for time and I don’t regret it!

I purchased a 10×10 felt letter board and all the fixin’s from Little Hippo and they have other sizes as well. I was a little worried when I read some of the reviews — they were hit and miss. However, it was on sale that day, so I took the chance «also because I’m no shy about returning something if I get it and it sucks» However, I couldn’t be happier with this purchase.
I kind of wish I had purchased one of the larger board options (actually, I feel like I did buy both…I should look and see, I think I saw an Amazon box by my hubby’s desk—maybe it’s mine).


There are a lot of different ways you can add to your board. Paper, fake flowers, polymer clay figures…just check out Pinterest and you can fine tons of options.

However, most of those options require something to ‘stick’ your object to the board. But my board is felt-there are plastic options.
I wanted to have a felt letter board. Why felt?
Because I grew up in the 80’s and I remember felt board story time in elementary school.  And felt board story time relies on a simple premise…felt sticks to felt.

Felt is something I have an abundance of. I have used it to make dinosaur tails for my girls and their friends. I also use it in my knit wreath project(s) (those flowers or bugs would work nicely here).

Therefore for me, a felt letter board gave me the best possible canvas to start. The board has the groves to hold letters, but the felt would allow me to embellish it with felt creations—no need to push pins or anything else non-permanent adhesive to add said embellishments.
Because felt sticks to felt!

Scissors and felt…

Felt letter board and a felt heart.


Other Resources

I do have a Pinterest board «that I will be continuing to ad too» of examples of letter boards.

And I did a video unboxing/impressions and thoughts of the Little Hippo letter board set.

Hope this inspired you!

Tell me about it!

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