Dear letter board, I love you

I feel like felt letter boards are everywhere right now. Probably because they are an extension of alternative to the hand letter movement. And as someone who has tried, but has no patience for hand letter…a felt letter board is a great for me. What is great about the felt board is that the look … Continue reading Dear letter board, I love you

The Base is BOSS

This is my favorite quiche recipe—Italian Spinach Sausage Pie. I discovered it the first year I was married and I was still interested in impressing him with my cooking ability. Wait…no I was just trying to figure out how to be a wife—he already knew I could cook. Anyway, I have modified the recipe a … Continue reading The Base is BOSS

VIDEO: Mom Favorites

It's National Get Over it Day…which somehow seems appropriate. We all have things in our lives that we have to get over…I need to get over the fact that I will never remember what side of a letter the stamp goes on—YES, honestly I can never remember. I need to get over that fact that … Continue reading VIDEO: Mom Favorites

Easy Valentine Garland Tutorial

That's right! Just in time for Valentines day, I did this video tutorial on how to make a Valentine Garland to decorate your home. Mine is on my mantel-which I love and is fashioned after this one by Momma from Scratch. But lets get back on track… This tutorial turns a set of mini-light that … Continue reading Easy Valentine Garland Tutorial

One More Thing…

…today was one of those days.You know the ones—the day that you have 1001 things to do. But you know, because of one thing on that list, you wont get even 10% of that list done.Yep, that was today.And although I had a completely different blog planned…this isn't it.This is just me typing to get … Continue reading One More Thing…