Don’t Yuck Someone’s Like

I can’t figure out where I heard “Don’t yuck someone’s like” but I think it’s BRILLIANT!
This is something we all need to be better about…
Even me.

There are plenty of times I say ‘Yuck’ out of reflex.
Like while watching a video or talking to someone about alternative food sources—crickets for dinner?
But this is an acceptable meal to some people and could become one for the masses.

Let’s try something more simple.
A friend says ‘I love The Notebook!’
Umm…Yuck! Wait, maybe a better response is Uck (made with a scrunched up face).

But let’s say an additional mutual friend was in the room but hasn’t seen the movie (or read the book).
We don’t know how our attitude toward something will effect influence someone else.
This is never more apparent than with parents and children.
But, your influence is beyond parenting.
If someone, whose opinion you value, Yucks something you like it can stand to change your opinion or if they Yuck something you’ve never tried (or have an on the fence opinion on) it could stop you from trying something you might enjoy.
Uck, really?
We are all influencers.
Some people just have a larger scope of influence.

So, the question is—Will you continue to yuck someone else’s like or will you ask questions, try to understand, and give something another chance?
I think we all should do those things.

Life is bigger than eating crickets or liking The Notebook. It’s about immigration reform, legalizing marijuana, abortion, Democrat vs Republican and any other number of things you have opinions about and someone else has a differing opinion.
Maybe you know that person, maybe you know OF them and don’t like them.
It kinda doesn’t matter.
It’s your our duty as humans to get as much information as we can and be willing to change our opinion—from Yuck to Yum or Yum to Yuck and back again—through experience and learning throughout our your life.

Don’t Yuck your potential.

Tell me about it!

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