Fill-in Friday #15

It's Fill-in Friday! This idea is an old-school blog tag. It has long been defunct but I think it's such a fun and easy way to get to know people and to share. So, I am bringing it back! Here is how it works, each Friday I post five (5) phrases/sentences with blanks for you … Continue reading Fill-in Friday #15

Spring Break?

It's Spring break! It should be a happy time. And it is—especially for the tiger and the dragon. Why wouldn't it be? No school. Sunny and sunnier days. Friends & play all day. Mom and dad around… But, all these people around all day—it puts a HUGE cramp in my style. The constant ask for … Continue reading Spring Break?

Don’t Yuck Someone’s Like

I can't figure out where I heard "Don't yuck someone's like" but I think it's BRILLIANT! This is something we all need to be better about… Even me. There are plenty of times I say 'Yuck' out of reflex. Like while watching a video or talking to someone about alternative food sources—crickets for dinner? Yuck! … Continue reading Don’t Yuck Someone’s Like

Motivational Monday: Love and Acceptance

Love and acceptance has been on my mind recently—and because it might be because it's Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. This is one of my favorite MLK, Jr. quotes: Amen! I think the other reason I've been thinking about it so much is because I just finished reading Fried Green Tomatoes and at the heart … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Love and Acceptance