Holiday Crafting List

We all do holiday crafting, right?
Well, this year…I’m starting early! And by early, I mean more than a couple weeks before—which is my usual m.o..

Crafting is actually one of my favorite things about the holidays—along hanging with my family.
I’d honestly like it if I could convince the family to do a completely homemade Christmas. EVERYTHING, from the tree to the presents to the food…ALL homemade.

But, alas, not everyone is willing or feels that they have the skills to be crafty—which I call shenanigans on. Anyone can craft-it just might take longer for some than others.

So, here is my list…please don’t be surprised if this listing gets updated MULTIPLE times between now and closer to Christmas.

Bowl Cozy: Or this one

Something with Glass Blocks I have…I can’t find a good tutorial—maybe I’ll make one

Fabric Ornament:

Snap Bag:

Hot Pad: Maybe thgis one instead:

Eye Mask:

Glasses Case:

What are you going to craft for the holidays?
Comment below.


Tell me about it!

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