Motivational Monday: Perfect is the enemy of done

Perfect is the enemy of done…let done lead you to YOUR imperfectly perfect.

Is this a problem for you? This is certainly a problem for me.
It always has been.

I let the fact that at the beginning of starting something (in my head) it needs to be perfect.
What kind of f#*ked up, bullshit is that?
Far too often, I let the idea that something has to be perfect stop me from doing what it is I want to do. It so contradictory to who I am.

I am perfectly imperfect and I am OK with that.

Is there something you have been thinking about for a while and wanting to do, but you’ve been too scared? There is nothing wrong with being scared: Until it stops you from doing what you want or what you know you should do.
Fear and being scared are powerful emotions and they can either propel you forward or paralyze you.
But being scared, just means you care. It means you are doing something important—it might not be important to anyone else. But its important to you.

I have let the idea that I can’t blog perfectly stop me from blogging, routinely, for years. I used to just blog for the pure fun of it.
In the early 2000’s, I blogged to join knit-a-longs and knitting swaps. Both of which seem to be things of the past.
Sad really.
I made so many friends and enjoyed the community so much.
Then I went out and got a big ol’ life and took a break from the swaps and knit-alongs. While I was having a life outside of my computer, blogging became a business—a BIG ol’business.
Now, I futz with the design — I’m a graphic designer;
I write and re-write posts — I am absolutely not a writer;
I see the photos in my head, but I can’t recreate them—I’m not photographer either;
all these things stop me, because they are not perfect.
And nowadays, I feel like blogs need to be perfect and generating money.

But, since I’m not interested in being perfect or generating money, why have I let the idea that a blog needs to be perfect in order to be published stop me?
Who knows, because it doesn’t.
Time, dedication, and hard work will get me to what MY imperfectly perfect blog.
And do you know how I know a blog doesn’t have to be perfect to be published?
Because this post/blog isn’t perfect, and guess what?
I hit publish.
Don’t let perfect be the enemy of done. Let done lead you to YOUR imperfectly perfect.

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