I {heart} books…

…but I don’t excel at reading them.

A bookshelf in my house with books…not read.

I know how crazy that sounds.
But I do and I don’t.
I love books: physical books—especially hardback books.

The weight of one in my hands, the cover art, the dust cover and then stripped of the dust cover to reveal the beautiful simplicity of the hard cover with it’s the foil title on the spine.

Not to mention how they look on a shelf.

Oh, the joy of a book.

However, I don’t read them. I know it’s crazy.

My eReaders on top of the last three physical books
I started reading but can’t seem to finish.

I prefer to read on my eReader.

I have a Nook-which is very old and I keep threatening to get rid of.

There’s my Kindle Fire-which is my eReader of choice-gotta love Prime ‘loan’ books «some of them are pretty crappy, but other’s are not bad at all».

And I have an older Xoom which I use sometimes as well.

I find I am a more active reader with the technology version. I suppose it doesn’t seem so daunting to finish a book that way. No weight, no visual reminder of how many pages I have «have not» read.

My eReader is always set to Percentage of Book Read instead of Pages Read and there is something about reading 10% a night  that which makes a 290 page book seem easier to get through.

Somehow, I never hit that 29 page a night when I’m reading a flesh-in-blood book, but hit or surpass the 10% mark regularly and with easy.

Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

P.S. If you have books suggestions, leave them below. My next read FOR SURE is the new Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell. I’m pretty open beyond that.

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