No-Sew Covered Cork Board Tutorial

An editorial calendar—not the one I have in my head/or half-heartedly started in Google Docs.

Why you ask, is that important?

Because what inevitably happens, I start doing something: like downloaded a monthly calendar to put on my refrigerator «because that’s how I meal plan». And while I was ‘binding it’ «I used that word very loosely» I thought…I should show people this quick/easy way to bind something.

That’s how this no-sew tutorial came to be; unlike the binding incident that I chalking it up to…oh, next time. I grabbed my phone and took some pics.

So here you go: Don’t judge the photos, as I said, shot with my phone—not my Nikon.

So, I have these three pieces of cork boards that I purchased about 3-years ago at a church rummage sale for about 75¢.

Somehow I didn’t realize that they smell funny. But I’ve have kept them «why? It’s beyond my understanding» and has moved them from one house to another.

Well, this weekend I was spending 30 minutes working in my office and decided NOW is the time to do something or throw them away—this was my mindset over the past couple weeks.

Since I only had 30 minutes, whatever I was going to do would have to be speedy. So I decided that the plethora of fabric I have will come in handy right now.

But, I was NOT getting out my sewing machine.
I just put a stapler into a drawer…maybe I should take it out and use it. 🙂

Brilliant right?
Yes, it is.

Cut your fabric so you have a couple inches on each side—just wing it. Or a whole fat square will work—no cutting requires.

With the pretty side of the fabric facing down place the cork board on top.
Wrap the cork board like a present.
Hold the corners with one hand and then staple with the other.
Repeat on all sides
I stuck mine onto the wall using Removable Mounting Putty—or I would have had to go find a hammer and some nails or something like that.
Up and completed in roughly 30 minutes.
If I had had —say an hour— I might «that’s a big MIGHT» have gotten the iron out and ironed the fabric first.

One of the best things about this project: If I decide I need to use the fabric I can take it off easily! Or if I decide I want to change the colors in my office/craft room that’s super easy as well.

Tell me about it!

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