Motivational Monday: Love and Acceptance

Love and acceptance has been on my mind recently—and because it might be because it’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. This is one of my favorite MLK, Jr. quotes:


I think the other reason I’ve been thinking about it so much is because I just finished reading Fried Green Tomatoes and at the heart of that book is love and acceptance.
Something we can all use more of.

I feel like this is such a hard time in the US, at least for what I have lived through/remember. Obviously, 911 was a horrible time in recent US history. And there was so much distrust and fear, but also comradery and love during those months after that terrorist attack.

Right now feels different but similar. Unrest with the government and general unrest with President Trump. Things feel just as untrusting and fearful as things did around 911.

However, it sounds simple, but so many things can be cured with love and acceptance—why not give it a try.

Love and acceptance are very symbiotic, they usually go hand-in-hand. With acceptance comes love, and with love comes acceptance. In Whistle Stop there was love for everyone in that town—black and white. And no matter their circumstances people were generally pretty accepting (and happy—sometimes joyful) with their place in life.

Was it always perfect in Whistle Stop?
Race was an issue—but mostly from outsider to the town.
Segregation was still alive and well.

Was there always love?
The love between Idgie and Ruth.
Sipsy complete care/respect/love/devotion to Ruth.
Evelyn and Ninny’s friendship/love for each other.

Was there always acceptance?
Ninny accepted her ‘child-like’ son.
The Threadgoode family, and the towns, acceptance of Idgie and Ruth relationship.
Everyone’s acceptance of the respect for the segregation that keep all parties safe, but they ALL blurred the line…and that was acceptable.

What if we all just accepted each other as we are…and loved each other because of that acceptance?
Our differences would still be there, but they wouldn’t have to be an issue.
We could agree to disagree and move forward.
And even though we disagree we could still help and show compassion to everyone because of ALL the other things someone is.
We are not one thing.
Pidgeonholing someone because of religion, skin color, sexual preference, or any other number of things…is plain ignorant. Because we are ALL more then just those things.
Not only is it ignorant…it is certainly not worthy of who you are and how you were made.

It’s plain and simple. Accept people for who they are, what you can see and cannot see. Love them for the sum of themselves.

And while you are at it: Accept yourself for who you are—seen and unseen. Love yourself because you have the ability to do all these things. You live in a time where being who you are is more acceptable then it ever has been.

Tell me about it!

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