More dishcloths

Last night I finished Kelly’s Elvish Leaves Dishcloth. I love it! It turned out so beautifully, even after I had to rip it once. 🙂
Why did I have to rip it? Good question…because I clearly forgot how to ‘yo’ cause it that part was ALL wrong!
I believe this is Sugar’n Cream in ombre?

I have started putting my patterns in plastic covers and put them into a binder, this way I can find them and keep them from getting all buggered up. Plus, I can put the project into the plastic sleeve while I’m working on it. No more searching around the house looking for my ‘lost’ pattern!

Hung out with Brett a little last night and worked on a new project: the One Piece Swim Suit by Rachel. We watched hockey. Apparently the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs are STILL going on. What is that about. Hockey season is way too long.

I also tried to finish my dishcloth KAL today at lunch, I’m pretty sure I did something wrong, cause it’s just not looking right…I am going to wait till I see someone elses, maybe I’m not completely wrong, I’m just looking at it wrong, what do you think?

Yarn is Sugar’n Cream in Hot Pink.

I also started reading Mansfield Park by Jane Austin for my Knit the Classics group. I need to decide what I’m going to make to go along with it. Anyone have a suggestion? I love the horned hat someone did from last month, how creative!

4 thoughts on “More dishcloths

  1. What a great idea to organize your projects. It’s so easy – I think that even I can do it!

    Elvish Leaves turned out beautifully!


  2. What a great idea to organize your projects. It’s so easy – I think that even I can do it!Elvish Leaves turned out beautifully!CeElle

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