Suits and Socks

I finished up the Bathing Suit dishcloth I was working on. I thought it was a good summer project! I really love the way it came out. I put it in a basket in my spare bathroom with a couple of other yellow clothes I’ve done.

I also started on my first sock (at least one I think I could actually finish…see here for evidence of starting one before). I’m not a huge fan of the yarn though, it’s OnLine (is that even correct? I can’t find it anywhere online). I have about 2 skeins of it, I bought it the other day at my LYS. Can anyone recommend a good sock yarn? This is a little too thin for my liking and not very soft.

I am thinking about going to the Hoosier Hills Fabric Fest. Problem is the Johnson County Fairgrounds doesn’t have a link for directions and I shouldn’t have to look up how to get there, if they want people to go, PROVIDE directions otherwise it’s just poor customer service!

Thanks Eric!
I need to learn how to read better, I bet there are even directions somewhere on that website!

Tell me about it!

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