What I’m Lovin’…

Listening Pandora Internet Radio I mean, I always love to have Pandora playing in the background while: cleaning, cooking, crafting. Clearly while doing all things start with a 'c' and end with and -ing. 🙂 During the holidays, my favorite was the station RnB and Pop Holidays Radio it has classic holiday songs, as well … Continue reading What I’m Lovin’…

Tasty Tuesday: Chocolate Dessert

I have re-started my Workbasket series. This is how I am trying to get back into blogging regularly. Like I said in my most recent Motivational Monday post…this is not perfect: time and consistency will help me reach MY imperfectly perfect. This is not it yet, but it's a step in that process. So, let's … Continue reading Tasty Tuesday: Chocolate Dessert

Motivational Monday: Perfect is the enemy of done

Is this a problem for you? This is certainly a problem for me. It always has been. I let the fact that at the beginning of starting something (in my head) it needs to be perfect. What kind of f#*ked up, bullshit is that? Far too often, I let the idea that something has to … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Perfect is the enemy of done

Dear letter board, I love you

I feel like felt letter boards are everywhere right now. Probably because they are an extension of alternative to the hand letter movement. And as someone who has tried, but has no patience for hand letter…a felt letter board is a great for me. What is great about the felt board is that the look … Continue reading Dear letter board, I love you

Recipe: Ginger Cookies

Let me start by saying…I listened to some great podcasts today: all most of which had the same theme…perfection is the enemy of getting shit done! Which has been my problem for a couple of days now. I tried to video me doing this recipe so I could edit and put on "The YouTubes" — … Continue reading Recipe: Ginger Cookies