Sweet and Salty: Motivational Monday

Let us start today with a little cooking lesson-Salt is among the most important spices to have in the kitchen. You have to add salt to vegetables when roasting them in order to bring out their flavor. Cake, cookie, dessert recipes all have salt in the list of recipe ingredients.
Because salt enhances flavor. The salt /lets you taste the sweet better. It’s a balance thing.

And it’s true in life as well. A little salt—sadness, tears, anger, frustration—makes the sweet—happiness, joy, elation—more.

Just more, enhanced, heightened.
Salt is the spice of life and so necessary.

Salt gets a bad wrap—to the point where we try to avoid or cut back on our salt intake, but like most naturally occurring thing we need it. Just like sugar. In moderation, both are things you need.

And in life, we need sadness, to juxtapose happiness.

Think about the movies that make you laugh and cry. Steel Magnolias, Terms of Endearment and countless others are movies that start out by sucking you in some with laughter. That laughter (sweet) opens you up emotionally and then come the tears (salt—quit literally…tears are salty), and then more laughter (sweet).

This is perhaps my favorite laughter through tears moment…laughter through tears is real yall!

So whatever you are going through today, embrace it be it salty or sweet…because is can only be enhanced by what happens next.



P.S. Leave me your favorite laughter through tears movie below! I am a sucker for them 🙂

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