Mandelbrot—Tasty Tuesday

This week's Tasty Tuesday is brought to you by Tasty! I watched this video over the holiday season and I decided I would try to make it for Super Bowl Sunday! I mean, who wouldn't want something sweet after chicken wings? Go big or go home, right? You should end an evening of excess (commercials,  … Continue reading Mandelbrot—Tasty Tuesday

Chocolate Cake Pudding—Tasty Tuesday

This is my fourth (and maybe not final) Tasty Tuesday from the January 1978 Workbasket Home Arts Magazine. My previous three posts: Cottage Cheese Crumb Cake, Chocolate Dessert, and Banana Dessert were all good…but I am most excited about this one. I'm going to start by saying, it's my birthday and I want chocolate! And … Continue reading Chocolate Cake Pudding—Tasty Tuesday

Tasty Tuesday: Chocolate Dessert

I have re-started my Workbasket series. This is how I am trying to get back into blogging regularly. Like I said in my most recent Motivational Monday post…this is not perfect: time and consistency will help me reach MY imperfectly perfect. This is not it yet, but it's a step in that process. So, let's … Continue reading Tasty Tuesday: Chocolate Dessert