Time flies

It’s been a couple weeks of change here in the Demko house.

There was Spring Break with kiddos being home from school.
Spring break also brought days long play dates—friends spending the night, etc… And dog watching for neighbors.

Then it’s been prep for Easter—two Easters, the one that happened this past weekend and Eastern Orthodox Easter which is this weekend. And I totally had to psych myself up for Easter with my sister-in-laws (a story for another time)

Amidst it all, my husband was downsized—and that is the thing that has been hardest (for me) to recover from. Not because of money worries or anything along those lines…but because he is home—ALL THE DAMN TIME!

I know, I know!
There are SO many other things to be worried about, but this blog is about me and he cramps my style. He sleeps until noon and stays up until 3am. And since I am most productive in the morning, that means I’ve been trying to be quite and make less noise. But how do people clean if they can’t do it without it being a one person party of blaring music and dancing?
I’m the only one who does that?
What’s wrong with you? It’s cleaning and exercise at the SAME TIME!
It’s a no brainer peeps!

And, everytime I leave the house, I have to explain it…like I live with my parents.
UGG! I love my parents, but I haven’t lived with them since I was like 21 years old so…

So this really isn’t much of a ‘Motivational Monday’ post, unless reading this makes you feel better about your life and then…well, you’re welcome! But maybe I’ll change the title of Monday posts to Life-update Monday. What do you think? Just knowing that someone else is in the same boat (or an adjacent one) can be motivational can’t it?

P.S. My husband is out on an interview—and it’s his birthday so…we think it’s a good sign.

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