What is making me happy this week: S1, E3

This is my new series: What is making me happy this week. I will post every Friday. These are all things that have made me happy/ I’ve enjoyed this week. I hope that they are things you will enjoy as well. In the comments, please tell me what you like so that we can all enjoy.

Yes, I did just name this post like it’s a television show (and the title was stolen from the podcast that is perpetually making me happy).
Don’t judge. 🙂


Phase 10
This card game has had a place in my heart since Monday nights in college.

My roommates and I played a lot.
And not just on Monday nights. Pretty much any night that we didn't have to cram for a test or weren't going out to a party. I was going to try and come up with some other excuse we had plans for, but they all seemed 1 too crass or 2 just too unbelievable.

Recently my husband and I started playing—trying to get the girls involved has been hard—but I'll wear them down. 🙂

However, even more recently, I found it on my iPad. And to say, that I have wasted hours playing would be…an understatement. Mostly because I don't have the free version that doesn't limit your playing time. I'm sticking with the FREE version to make sure my arse doesn't get any bigger from sitting around and playing cards. 🙂


I have used Trello on and off for many years. Presently, I am ALL about it for my NaNoWriMo project.

Each character has a list. I can add dialog that I think of for the character but haven't found a place for it. New realizations/character traits I have found for my character.  I can see a photo of something that that character would like and add it. It has been a one-stop digital spot for everything in my story.

I'm even writing right in Trello. I have a list for the book and within that list, I have each chapter. This means I can move them around.

It is actually brilliant. I know people use other writing 'programs'. But since I already know Trello, that just made one less thing that I could use as an excuse to not write.

I hope you decide to check something. Regardless, don’t forget to leave me a comment on what is making YOU happy this week!

hugs and kisses from Maria

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