What is making me happy this week: S1, E2

This is my new series: What is making me happy this week. I will post every Friday. These are all things that have made me happy/ I’ve enjoyed this week. I hope that they are things you will enjoy as well. In the comments, please tell me what you like so that we can all enjoy.

Yes, I did just name this post like it’s a television show (and the title was stolen from the podcast that is perpetually making me happy).
Don’t judge. 🙂

Online Communities

I have been—sorta—using Discord for a couple of months now.

But now because of National Novel Writing Month, I have been interacting with it more. The local writing NaNoWriMo peeps are there. And it's comforting to be able to talk to them (and by talk, I mostly just read) and use it to procrastinate with them.

Discord is a server-based online community tool. Literally, you can carve out your own little server community, make it public or invite-only, establish rules, have 'rooms'/topics, and my favorite-why I started using it-option is to have video 'calls' (audio too). ALL for free! I made a server some friends and I that I hadn't seen for a while and I wanted to reconnect with. A couple has joined, and a couple is still not ready to reconnect (and that's okay). But we have been able to have a couple of Saturday night Discord video calls (think Zoom) for hours.

I will be excited to see if the IndyNaNoWriMo group utilizes the video 'call' option.

I have thought (and still might) do a community Discord server to go with this blog.
But for right now, I am enjoying learning by using and finding ways to connect with people from the comfort of my craft room.



1—Yes, this is a men's belt—what the heck makes a belt be specifically for one gender of another is beyond me.
2—It is the best $18 bucks I've ever spent. I purchased at Costco.
I have been looking for replacement black and brown belts, I can't seem to find any, or I find one and it's the wrong size. This one is PERFECT!
I thought that was a little weird too, but it totally works and comes with a guide. Plus, you can cut it longer than you might need, then recut!
• It's leather. If you are vegan, I support that. I am not and if I'm willing to eat cow then I should support using as much of that cow as possible—therefore, don't give me shit for wearing leather. Since it's leather, it should last.
• It's REVERSIBLE! Yep, one side is dyed black and the other side is brown. The buckle is on a swivel and you just twist the buckle to face whichever side you want to wear.

I hope you decide to check something. Regardless, don’t forget to leave me a comment on what is making YOU happy this week!

hugs and kisses from Maria

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