Knitting, Sun and Weekend Fun

Well here’s the progress that has been made on the blanket. I did most of it Friday day and evening. Not too much to do on Friday. Other then watch the rain. Ick!
So I watched movies and knitted.
I watched The Bourne Supremacy, The Break-Up and Funny Face.

I really understand why The Break-up didn’t do well. I liked it, but I have never lived with someone and experienced that kind of break-up. But my understanding and really from what I could tell, is that it was a little TOO real. And I would imagine that any break-up with someone I lived/live with would be just like that. I am very much the Jennifer Aniston character.

Saturday I cleaned and picked around the house. And then Carole and I went out shopping before meeting the crew for dinner and a night out on the town. Which didn’t end till 4am. Out on the SS so I didn’t get to home and into bed till 5:30. LONG NIGHT. But good. After our night our we went to Ryans and chatted. It was really good and I got to see a side of Tomas that I don’t normally see and that was really nice.

Today was going to go to a birthday party but plans got all wonky when Ted decided to get sick. So I was already down on the SS cause I needed to drop some stuff off for Chris and I wanted to see his sick ass. After that I went and had lunch with Ryan and that was good. Nice just to sit and chat with him. And we sat outside. It is beautiful here right now.
Here’s a pic I took while I was waiting for him.

Tell me about it!

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