My head is pounding so I came home early today and guess what? I should have stayed at work cause the contractor started work on my roof and now, not only is my head pounding, but the house is as well. UGH!

I did want to share some some of my stash with you…today I went to the Golden Thimble, which is a yarn shop that isn’t far from my house and new knew existed until today. I get there and what do I find? They are closing, after like 32 years! So if you live in Indianapolis, head to Broad Ripple and take advantage of the 40% off we’re closing discount. If you need directions, contact me, I might be able to help.

Sunday afternoon I decided to go though my yarn, I have now acquired quite a bit of cotton yarn so I wanted to separate it out…here it is:

And here is all my other yarn: so of which is really special to me, it was previously my YiaYia’s (grandmother in Greek) actually it was my great grandmothers. I wanna do something special with some of it, I’m just not sure what.

I also found a couple of half finished projects…a sweater, here is the the back and one of the front panels. I however, clearly did not buy enough of the yarn to finish it so I’ll need to figure that one out. Otherwise I might as well rippit!

Here is also the sock I started. And I don’t understand what to do from here. I didn’t quite understand the directions…I’m hoping to find a local knitting group to join and perhaps find some help there.

I also have a partly started penguin from the book Knitted Toys which Chris bought me when we were dating. It was probably the most considerate present anyone has ever gotten me. It makes me cry just thinking about the fact that we’re not dating anymore. Anyway… I have made a couple of things from it… this ball and these finger puppets.

Tell me about it!

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