Make Room for the New

Sometimes you have to give up a dream (or two) to make room for a new one to take root. It's kind of like gardening. You have to weed and prune to make room for new growth. It's never easy. I've been thinking about that a lot lately and every time I think, it's like … Continue reading Make Room for the New

What’s Up Wednesday: Updates

The Workbasket Arts and Home Magazine project has been coming along nicely and in some ways better than expected. Blogging I've been keeping my blogging schedule—I certainly do NOT have it down pat. I'm still doing some posts at the last minute—mostly those Tasty Tuesday ones. But I do think the schedule will start to … Continue reading What’s Up Wednesday: Updates

Motivational Monday: Perfect is the enemy of done

Is this a problem for you? This is certainly a problem for me. It always has been. I let the fact that at the beginning of starting something (in my head) it needs to be perfect. What kind of f#*ked up, bullshit is that? Far too often, I let the idea that something has to … Continue reading Motivational Monday: Perfect is the enemy of done

Be a Knitter again!

I have been really into knitting lately. I have forgotten how much I enjoy the process, how relaxing I find the entire experience and how challenging it can be. All things I need. And the knitting made me think of how I started this blog. It seems SO long ago. It was back when blogging … Continue reading Be a Knitter again!